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There has been a guesthouse on the Tierney land in County Fermanagh for hundreds of years. Now Tierney’s Hotel is faced with a development that will block the hotel’s best feature, its view of Enniskillen Castle. But the project can be stopped if there are important historical artifacts buried on the property. Enter the archaeologists.


Mick’s ancestor, Brigid Tierney, ran the guesthouse in the late 1500s. We see Brigid and Shane and their children at a lavish banquet at the castle, home of the ruling family, the Maguires. The wine and ale flow freely, the harpist plays, the bard recites the Maguires’ heroic deeds. But one woman has a sense of foreboding. Sorcha the prophetess sees harrowing times ahead. The Tudors of England are determined to complete their brutal conquest of Ireland.


The morning after the banquet, Sorcha is found dead on a bed of oak leaves. And Shane is accused of the killing. His lawyer, Terence, conducts his defence on the hilltop that constitutes the court in 1595.


Ireland has had a complex and at times woeful history, and we see that history being played out in the lives of the Tierneys, past and present.


In 2018, the dig commences on Mick Tierney’s land. Historical artifacts? Yes. But also a sheaf of prophecies. And a body ― a bogman ― four hundred years old.



Those who enjoy historical novels — particularly mysteries — are in for a treat with Anne Emery’s The Keening: A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland.. . .  Emery effectively switches back and forth from around 1600 to present day resulting in a fascinating read.


Halifax author Anne Emery has superbly blended two fascinating storylines in The Keening, a splendid murder mystery with characters you wish you knew — even more so the folk of 1595 who’ll offer you a flagon of ale, a game pie and a ribald poem or two.


Nick Martin, The Winnipeg Free Press

The Keening is so much more than an historical mystery which is why its appeal grew and grew as I read.  . . . And I can thank the author for working some very interesting aspects of 16th century Ireland into this novel to explain the history, culture, laws, and behavior that underlie the mystery.  . . .  There are numerous quotations from Irish, English and other sources, many from or shortly after that time, that add much to the reading experience.
I really enjoyed this novel and appreciated the author’s use of source material to provide emphasis and background.

Susan Drees, Net Galley

 “I hardly know where to begin with this book. One of the best aspects is a treasure trove of information about Irish law, customs and culture. Some truly fascinating tid-bits are offered up. The dialogue skips along . . . and some is pure gold.. . . . The reader can hear the Irish brogue throughout the modern story. …" 

Lovers of History Blog, Wordpress

The Keening keeps the suspense going with its intriguing protagonists and ongoing puzzles. . . .  The Keening is full of music, poetry, and tales, with enlightening epigraphs to each chapter. A rich and rewarding book, it arouses our sympathies for the long, painful history of the Irish within an engrossing mystery. Recommended.” 


The Historical Novel Society (UK)

Incredible read, terrifically plotted historical mystery with great characters and plenty of atmosphere. It was a great read; I was sad when I finished. 

- T. Howard, NetGalley